The room where the instrument is placed plays an important role in the development of sound. The sound must be well distributed. The echo must be nice. Thus the piano sound for the better. The large glass surfaces will harden the sound. Placed on soft ground (carpet, rugs etc..), The piano will sound softer than if it were placed on a hard floor (tile, stone or parquet). Drapes, furniture, forms the ceiling and wall coverings will influence the reverberation of sound. In an area sound suitable, a piano of his plea could match or exceed in beauty piano premium placed under adverse conditions of its development. We now discuss an area that deserves extensive development: what is the point of purchase, often very expensive, an instrument which, by where it is placed, as also by the poor quality of its harmonization or intonation or her agreement, will only provide a fraction of the level it should reach? Merchants play piano on the reputation of some overblown productions (think Bösendorfer, Fazioli etc.) and musical contribution, if not bad, is not equal to the expense incurred. The practical experience of all this can be done in various concert halls, in Liège, the space of the Heart of St. Lambert, with the Concerts de Midi, gives a good (?) Example. The same piano was moved into the Academic Hall, University of Liege. A recent auditor told us: "The new piano does not sound that good! The 3 / 4 Grotrian-Steinweg, who was there previously sounded much better, I think he?"

A good location is also where the piano is not subject to direct changes, irregular and large temperature and humidity. It’s not as cold or heat that is important but the combination of temperature and humidity level. The absence of sudden and permanent changes in these factors is a major source of stability of the instrument.

Temperature Humidity
10°C 30 - 55 %
15°C 31 - 56 %
20°C 32 - 58 %
25°C 34 - 60 %
30°C 35 - 62 %

The instrument should not be exposed to direct sunlight, even if only to protect the coating surface. It can be placed along an outside wall well insulated. On all these points, the opinion of an experienced specialist is needed.

Déménagement de pianos mais aussi installation et mise en place de votre piano à domicile.

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