Filing Garde Meuble

What use ?

What is the repository when there does one use, how it works there?

While everyone may need a day or the other store her piano
You do important work at home, you are going abroad for a specified period, you sell your home, you take a smaller home (for a few months), you inherit property and can not keep due to space ?

Of course many of us have often resorted to paying third kindly cellar or garage
But, beyond the inconvenience, there is often a problem of safety and especially that of conservation: how many piano damaged or deteriorated due to dampness, poor ventilation, and even rodents or insects ?

The answer to your problems of space and preservation of your assets is the furniture: a practical solution
Presta Piano offers now solutions furniture to meet all your needs with the same quality approach, the same rigor that through its activities.

Storage duration of 1 day to 1 year

Déménagement de pianos mais aussi installation et mise en place de votre piano à domicile.

Prestations proposés :

> Déménagement de pianos droit...

> Déménagement de piano Crapaud...

> Déménagement de piano quart de queue...

> Déménagement de piano quart de queue...