Piano Transportation

The transport of a piano is a delicate operation, which entails risks for carriers, piano, and the stairwell.

We are equipped with equipment to carry your piano and have no vocation but movers carry piano.

However we carry at the request of furniture or bulky furniture.

Method of Transportation for piano Law :


Cover the piano with a cloth or several thick blankets.


Place it on a truck specially designed


The drive to the vehicle. When moving the piano using the specially designed trolley, it is essential that two people are facing the firm, one pushing, one pulling, one moving forward, the other reverse. If the piano is unbalanced, the holders have a split second to react.


Remove the trolley. (If the piano is equipped with wheels, base it on hold in order to "neutralize".)


Piano firmly secured to the vehicle.

To climb the steps or stages must take the piano with carrying strap called "leather". A carrier is placed at each end. The straps should be certainly fixed to the piano The piano wearing the strap requires the synchronization of teammates in the execution of technical moves under the constraint of a heavy load

If you want to make yourself moving your piano, you can only move your piano a few inches in one room of many pianos are equipped with wheel which is designed to allow movement thereof.

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The piano

Consider yourself transporting a grand piano with friends can be a big mistake. If anyone has any experience, you go straight to the disaster.

Transport method for paino to Tail:


To be transported, a grand piano will be rolled onto the song after being protected with a cover on piano or blankets.


It will then be hoisted onto a cart, after removing the legs and the lyre and rolled up a van, where he will be placed on the floor


It is firmly strap inside the vehicle

If your piano needs to climb stairs or go natural barriers (hills garage to the lawn ...) it will be the piano with carrying straps called "leather"

It must be very attentive to the lateral tilt when the piano is on the song.

If the instrument is unbalanced, the holders have a split second to react and restore balance

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